MCM in the City of Sacramento: Historic Context Statement & Survey Results

Sacramento Mid Century Modern Historic Context Survey: Places

Great article from Sactown Magazine outlining our efforts to ensure that great mid-20th century places in Sacramento are celebrated and protected for future generations to enjoy!

Link to the full context statement and survey:

Special thanks to EVERYONE who has made this collaborative effort possible:
•  Our dedicated volunteers;
• Project consultants at Mead & Hunt and GEI Consultants, Inc., who put extra hours into this project;
• Sacramento’s former and current Historic Preservation Directors— and Sacramento’s Community Development Department for their vision and coordination of the effort; 
• The California State Office of Historic Preservation for awarding and overseeing the project’s federal grant; and,
• Everyone who has participated in one of SacMod’s fundraising events—especially the homeowners, volunteers, sponsors, advertisers, and board members who worked so hard for our home tours!