“Concrete Thinking” Bike Tour with SacMod and SABA


Have you hugged a concrete building today? SacMod (Sacramento Modern) and Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA) have! Are you ready to learn more? Join SABA and guest host, SacMod, on Sunday, May 4th, 2014 for a free educational bike tour of downtown Sacramento’s modern architecture and art. Details and specifics below; please REGISTER HERE.

May is Bike Month! Celebrate it by joining our tour, which includes exteriors of buildings and outdoors artworks that SacMod is working to preserve. Incidentally, May is also Preservation Month #presmonth! Learn about often overlooked and under-appreciated buildings and art from a fresh perspective — and before they are gone! Different architectural styles such as Expressionism, International Style, and Brutalism will be explored.

We are also very proud that our ride is part of Jane Jacobs Walk 2014. The purpose of our ride is to promote understanding and appreciation of downtown Sacramento’s concrete civic buildings, projects, and public art from the 1950s-1980s. Concrete is not necessarily a “cold” material; it is a versatile one! It can be shaped into organic, curvilinear forms and makes a great backdrop for landscaping, art, and vibrant human activity. Several of these buildings also included energy savings and experimental ideas/techniques that contributed to the green building movement.

Where and When: Ride meetup at 9AM at Fremont Park (1515 Q Street)(meet at the SW corner of the park across from Naked Lounge). Pick up some coffee across the street then do a little paperwork in the park for participation and hear the introductory talk. Rollout at 9:30AM. Ride ends at approximately 11:30AM-Noon at the new appointment-only tasting room for Ruhstaller Beer: 630 K Street. Stay to get an opportunity to taste a few of their concoctions (the purchase of beer tastings are extra). Snack food will be provided. How Much: Registering for the ride is free (with the option to make a donation to the organizers [you can also donate during the event]). Please get your ticket here so we know how many people to expect. Distance and Speed: The bike tour length from Fremont Park to Ruhstaller is approximately 4 miles on downtown city streets with relatively low traffic volumes. It’s about 1 mile back to Fremont Park from Ruhstaller. Be sure you and your bike are prepared. The pace will be sociable (10-12 mph) and we’ll have a ride leader and a sweeper to make sure we stay together and no one feels left behind. To learn more about the ride, contact SABA at 916-444-6600 or saba@sacbike.org

All photos in this post by SacMod Board member and Carter Sparks Archive creator/digital curator Justin Wood; Flyer by SacMod Board member Dane Henas of Dane Henas Design.