Sacramento Art Institute Projects : New Tech, Old Places

This past December, Board members Justin Wood and Zann Gates had the opportunity to represent Sacramento Modern for the Art Institute of California – Sacramento’s Special Topics class. The class, run by instructor Jay Truesdale, positioned SacMod as a hypothetical client. The students were asked to apply their artistic sensibilities and imagine ways in which newer technologies could help Sacramento Modern achieve some of its goals : preservation, awareness and education.

From an initial presentation with 5 teams, 3 remaining teams presented their work at the ZionVR gaming center in Sacramento. 

We would like to thank all of the students who put a great deal of thought and work into their proposals and projects, instructor Jay Truesdale, as well as special juror Laura Wood, and the AIA Central Valley for hosting the initial round of presentations.

The final 3 projects follow :

Team 1 [ Heaven Lee, Viviana Ponce ] presented a Passport concept with 3d printed stamps which resembled the sites listed in the “passport”. They suggested that SacMod could distribute passports to people to encourage them to visit businesses or locations that would stamp them. Completed passports would be rewarded with a prize. Sites Team 1 suggested: the County Courthouse, Capitol Towers, former Bank of America, and the former IBM Building.

Team 2 [ Reginald Lockett, Elizabeth Harris, Briana Arias ] presented a series of put-together 3d printed model kits. We could provide these kits as something we could sell, give away as perks or show at events. Put-together aspect meant to help builders understand the structure and construction of the buildings. Final models could be painted. Some interesting discussion about what kind of “instructions” would be provided for these kits; step-by-step, just a final illustration of it completed or nothing ( actual research of site would be needed to assemble?). Sites were EDD Building, Cal Expo Pavilion, Shepard Garden Center, Country Club Lanes and The Sacramento Zoo Entrance. 

Team 3 [ Aaron Holt ] presented a series of virtual vignettes intended to be viewed through a Virtual Reality headset. Sites include the West Wind Drive-in, Orbit Gas and the VIC’s/IGA Market building in South Land Park. Intention here was to provide an artistic interpretation of various locations; each one with a different sensibility and narrative that would unfold as you traveled through the space. Almost like time-traveling?

All ideas and work Copyright by their respective Authors